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Kids and Computer Pages

Created and maintained by Don Sleeth, with help from his young child. There are many things for very young children to do that will educate them about computers and Logo.

Castles on the Web

A great source of information for children of all ages who are interested in learning about castles.

Ancient Greeks Virtual Tour

Welcome to the British Museum's web site on ancient Greece

HotBot Search

HotBot Search, use to find information on the Net

Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search, use to find information on the Net

Citation Guide - What you should know (with examples) about citing sources

Academic Reference material, how to cite for bibliographies and reports. Shows electronic forms for both APA and MLA styles.

Citation Guides - write a proper bibliography

Provides AMA, MLA, APA, ASA, Chicago and the basics of a bibliography.

A Comprehensive Computer Safety & Security Guide

Provides an article and many resources to computer fraud; cyber bullying, harassment and online predators; social media; privacy and password security, and more.

Social Media And Cyber Security

Provides another article and many resources about social media and cyberbullying and harassment and more.

A Guide to Digital Citizenship and Cyber-Laws

Website that provides an education on digital citizenship, how to behave in the online world. (Provided by a Girl Scout doing her research for her Junior Cybersecurity Badge)

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