Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)

a federally-funded national information system, contains hundreds of lesson plans, articles dealing with a broad range of education-related issues. Excellant source for teachers and students who are planning to go into teaching.

Technology for Education Consortium

The Technology for Education Consortium (TEC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring transparency, efficiency, and collaboration to K-12 schools engaged in evaluating and purchasing edtech products and services. We believe that greater transparency and better information will allow school districts to improve results, reduce costs and support new product development.

The OETC Consortium

The OETC Consortium is made up of educational institutions, united under a common belief that everyone should have access to the tools for a great education. Together, these institutions wield a strong negotiating voice so that all 1,000 members of OETC, regardless of individual purchasing power, can provide the technology access that all students deserve./B>

NASA Express and Education

Nasa Meatball

NASA supports education and STEM in Education. It has all sorts of resources for teachers and students.
PBS resources for educators PBS Education provides Instructional recources for your classroom, Online Professional Development, Classroom Changemakers and Ideas to Teach Boldly. /B>
Community Learning Network The Community Learning Network is a website offering a collection of learning resource links organized by subject area, theme or area of interest. This site was designed for teachers to integrate online resources into their classroom but is also valuable for any one who embraces learning. Funding for CLN was discontinued in 2003, but Open School BC provides hosting for this website as a courtesy to the education community. Please note that the site is not maintained and may contain broken or incorrect links. Please check before introducing them to students.
The New Global Schoolhouse Repository for lesson plans and resource area for teachers. Find out what other schools are on the internet. Get information on different program and organizations involved in the internet in schools. Articles by teachers, administrators, parents, and community members provide the success stories, models, strategies, and specific examples of how to use technology for teaching and learning.

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