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From my name you can tell that I camp. I have been camping for about 30 years. My parents have a trailer that they use full-time during summer and part of the fall. I use a tent for when I am biking or hiking and want to go camping. This has been a way of life for me since I was a child, just following in my mother's footsteps as she camped as a teenager with just blankets and prayers for no rain.

I am a 40ish female who is planning to move across the country from New Jersey to California. I am hoping to get a job out there in the computer industry.

I am heavily into music of the 60s and 70s. My tastes range from Ozzy Osbourne to Alice Cooper, from The Who to The Moody Blues, and from the Doors to Led Zeppelin, and of course...The Grateful Dead. I don't listen to much of today's music since most of it is not to my taste. My friends all know me as the deadhead of the group but there is more than just the Dead for me.

I enjoy watching science fiction and fantasy movies and television series. I started with Star Trek as a child and it has grown to include Forever Knight and Highlander: The Series. I also enjoy reading books about Vampires and Dragons and other creatures of the night. Then again I am naturally a night person so it really is no surprise to me and all my friends that I enjoy this so much.

You can visit my project for a class at Rutgers University by clicking here.

My various photos from Highlander and related conventions are now up.

Convention Photos

Without Frames Using Frames

And some of the convention reports of mine are up also.

Convention Reports

Without Frames Using Frames

I've started to write and create videos based on various shows. Take a look at what I've written or my videos so far.

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Fiction Videos

Any comments or questions, send to camper@camper65.com

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