Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)

a federally-funded national information system, contains hundreds of lesson plans, articles dealing with a broad range of education-related issues. Excellant source for teachers and students who are planning to go into teaching.

Learning Application

A website of various activities and lesson plans using the Internet.

The Teacher/Pathfinder Project

Teacher/Pathfinder provides comprehensive educational resources, projects, discussions, interactions, collaborations, lessons, curriculums, and standards for grades.

Web 66

Just as U.S. Highway Route 66 was a catalyst for Americana, Web 66 sees the world wide web as a catalyst that will integrate the Internet into K-12 schools. Registery of all schools around the world. Search for a specific school or see what schools in a state or country have web sites. Handles private to public schools, elementary to colleges. They also have a page to see what Public Libraries have WWW, FTP or Telnet capabilities.

Regional Technology in Education Consortia

The Regional Technology in Education Consortia (R*TEC) program is established to help states, local educational agencies, teachers, school library and media personnel, administrators, and other education entities successfully integrate technologies into kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12) classrooms, library media centers, and other educational settings, including adult literacy centers.

Learning Technologies Project

Nasa Meatball

Even Nasa is getting involved in helping to get schools involved with using the Internet by bringing technology into the curriculum; technology to enhance learning; technology to serve educational goals...that's what NASA's Learning Technologies Project is all about. They developed Internet-based instructional materials tied to the NASA missions; develop affordable, innovative K-12 projects, technologies, and applications that can be widely disseminatd to the educational community.
Schools on Internet A site that has schools from around the world.  You can see what other schools have done and what you may be able to do in your classroom. You should look at it to see what may interest you!
WWW Servers for Education On-Line site which has an area strictly for educational information systems and resources for K-12. Good site for teachers and students to join mailing list, contains URLs to other sites, including the Global Schoolhouse Project.
K-5 CyberTrail A introductory site for teachers of K-5 who are first learning about the net. Set up by public broadcaster WMHT for teachers at Troy City Schools 14, located in the Capital Region of New York State. This is open to all K-5 educators. Find out what educational resources on the Web are available to the teachers. Find out hints and tips on using the Web.
Community Learning Network Welcome to the Community Learning Network WWW home page. CLN is designed to help K- 12 teachers integrate technology into their classrooms. We have over 140 menu pages with more than 2,800 links to educational WWW sites, as well as over 120 WWW resources of our own -- all organized within an intuitive structure. We provide links to curricular content, instructional materials (e.g., lesson plans), background information on technology integration, practical help for teachers looking for keypals/projects, internet guidebooks, software repositories, listservs, school pages, a "what's new section", and our own on-line technology courses. CLN is a province-wide K-12 educational network managed by the Open School of the Open Learning Agency, British Columbia, Canada.
The New Global Schoolhouse Repository for lesson plans and resource area for teachers. Find out what other schools are on the internet. Get information on different program and organizations involved in the internet in schools. Articles by teachers, administrators, parents, and community members provide the success stories, models, strategies, and specific examples of how to use technology for teaching and learning.

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